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Agia Triada

Just 3 km. from Phaistos, set on a promontory overlooking Messara Bay, lies Agia Triada. It is named after a 14th Century Christian Church. There are some original reliefs carved on the exterior of the church and inside the frescoes are also belived to original.The name of the Minoan settlement is not known.

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Here are the remains of a Minoan town and little palace. It is close to the site of Phaistos, but nonetheless excavations have revealed a significant settlement, totally separate from that of Phaistos. It has been suggested it was a royal summer retreat as the sea level was higher millenia ago and there is evidence that it came right up to the base of the headland upon which Agia triada was built. This site contains two large bee-hive tombs and funerary buildings. These tombs are among some of the largest ever found and the contents included many kinds of pottery, sealstones, ivory, bronze weapons and gold jewellery.

The little palace

The town and palace buildings were well built and although they cover a relatively small area, they were serviced with an amazing 'Labyrinth' of drains and water courses.

As with all the finds from Minoan sites in Crete, most can been found on display at the museum of archaeology in Heraklion.