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Just thought we should mention that we mainly lazed in the sun, read and swam in the clear blue sea. It was perfect for recharging our batteries. We drove up to knossos one day, which was well worth doing although Phaistos was brilliant too. We went into Matala, but really Pitsidia had all we needed and we had some lovely meals in the square. fantastic bakery for fresh bread every morning - just writing this makes me want to return. RA - Letchworth

What about the Raki festival in Pitsidia? Light up the 'still' and watch the clear firey liquid drip down while the band plays, the kids dance and everyone parties. This is the way to live. Randy and Terri - Maryland USA


A visit to Festos

Leave Pitsidia on the main road towardsVori - we were a bit worried that the traffic might be a bit scary on this road but, in fact the motorists were quite caring and gave us a wide berth!. The start is quite flat, after about 1Km we turned left towards Kamilari, this is very much an agricultural area so you travel past fields and orchards - we saw the odd cow - hardly any traffic to bother us. Kamilari itself didn't seem to have much to delay us so we followed the main road which curved right through more delightful countryside. At the fork in the road bear left towards the church at Agios Pavios - there is some shade in the churchyard if you need a rest at this point. Turn left at the main road passing other churches in tiny hamlets as the road climbs towards Festos. As you approach the antiquity the road curves , opening up excellent views of the plain.

We found a good place to store the bikes at the Site - at the entrance - and spent an enjoyable period exploring this (often under-rated) site. The views are magnificent.We decided to take the road West to the related site at Agia Triada - well signposted but a bit more hilly than we had so far found. Another interesting visit, this site has has fewer 'tourist' facilities but is no less interesting than Festos. Again, wonderful views.

We could have continued West towards Timbaki where a left turn leads back to Kamilari, but we decided just to retrace our route back via Festos and Kamilari to Pitsidia. Overall a very nice ride of about 16Km.

Down to the sea at Kommos

Mostly, when we wanted to swim, we would walk down to the beach at Kommos - but cycling added some value, we were able to explore the gravel and dirt paths that wander through the irrigated field system northwards towards Kalamaki. This all turned into a bit of an adventure because the signposting isn't very clear (or, in fact existent!). At various points on this excursion we had to divert to push the bikes along the beach. Quite a tiring trip - but we found a Taverna in Kalamaki to slake our thirst and it was very interesting to see how the farmers use their ingenuity to keep their crops alive and healthy.

Tony & Kathleen Hales October 2008

We wanted to add our thoughts here. Our stay was a thouroughly enjoyable mix of traditional Crete with a homely feel - exactly what we wanted for a well earned holiday - it exceeded our expectations completely. The facilities at the rented house were fantastic, the area breathtakingly beautiful and the people - well when you leave they are like friends you have known forever!

ZR & SMcG October 2008 - London

The Raki here is still the GREATEST

JM - a hippy returner from 1965