These pages are intended to show the discerning traveller a part of Crete away from the busy north of the Island. The area remains traditionally ‘Cretan’ despite the expanse of tourism and for those looking for the real Crete, this region offers a wide range of experiences.

The area is superb for walking, cycling, horse-riding, snorkling or simply relaxing by the warm blue waters of Messara Bay. There are excellent tavernas offering traditional Cretan dishes, seafood and wonderful wine.

We came to this area some 20 years ago and immediately became enthralled with its diverse culture, villages, mountains and above all the real warmth of the people.

The regional centre is Timbaki, located on the edge of Messara Bay in South Central Crete with it’s surrounding towns and villages. It is rich in archaeology and Cretan culture including the Minoan palaces Phaistos and Agia Triada and also the ancient city of Gortyn.


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