About 2 km. north of Kommos along the beach is Kalamaki. It is a very small beachfront village with an array of Tavernas and rooms. It can be reached easily on foot along the beach from Commos, through the olive groves from Pitsidia or by a circuitous route by road via the village of Kamilari.

Kalamaki community is fairly new, constantly developing, built on a beach of exceptional natural beauty and character. The fauna of the area is unique, with cedar trees centuries old, lilies of the sea, aromatic herbs, etc. Kalamaki is located 2.5 km from the village of Kamilari. It is one of the three villages that constitute the community of Kamilari. It has started to grow somewhat as more people try to find somewhere ‘more out of the way’, but now they offer water sports, it will soon overtake itself as a quiet back water.

The beachfront has been almost totally in-filled with tavernas and bars. There are a few gaps with some old dwellings (and some very new elaborate ones). Some of the tavernas offer traditional Cretan dishes and fresh fish. Most will allow you to use their beach beds and umbrellas for free if you buy their drinks and snacks. Some have small tables attached to there beach beds / umbrellas and happily serve you on the beach with snacks and ice cold beverages.

Behind the beach area is a little dusty town with a few shops, a jeweller, a bakery and complexes of rooms.

Kalamaki has a public swimming pool free for anyone to use. It is popular with families who have small children as the beach has a small rock shelf, which can be hazardous when the surf is anything but very calm.

In the backstreets of Kalimaki is a bicycle rental shop. The area is well suited to cycling – though not so much in July and August when it is very hot. There are many tracks, paths and roads to explore.

The track through the olive groves to Pitsidia passes an ancient temple – Laggos and also the remains of a rural mansion. They are relatively unknown and not easy to find, but nonetheless very interesting to explore.