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Kamilari sits on a small hilltop between Pitsidia and Tymbaki. It is unspoiled as a village and therefore popular with tourists who are looking for authentic Crete. Having said that, it has become attractive because of lower room rental and new apartments and houses for rent have recently sprung up in the vicinity. It has attracted artists who have centred in the village and on the road into Kalimaki, there is now a camel farm!

Just below the village on the road to Kalimaki / Tymbaki is the old water font and its church close by.

On the link road from here to Phaistos are signs for a Minoan Tholos tomb, which can be found by walking through olive groves and climbing the small hillock upon which it is situated. Very close to here was found a terracotta model representing a scene of sacrifice to the dead. It can be found in the museum in Heraklion