Pitsidia is a village, which sits on the road from Heraklion to Matala. The road by-passes the old village, so it is easily missed. It is a little more peaceful than Matala and has been a long-standing alternative for accommodation. The old village has a ‘platia’ or square at its centre, around sits 5 Tavernas and a Kafenieon. There are a plentiful supply of rooms, apartments and houses to rent, but they get booked up very quickly throughout the season.

The village boasts a number of small grocery shops masquerading as ‘supermarkets’, a hairdresser, specialist butcher and a state-of-the-art bakery. Some of the shops are simply doorways, which open up into the narrow streets with only one small room.

Pitsidia is only 1 km from the beautiful beach at Kommos. Walking takes only 30 minutes at an easy pace, 10 minutes by bicycle and you can go on horse-back from the riding stables in the village (see below).

The Taverna – ‘Meeting Place’ in the square also doubles up as the Post Office.

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Tavernas and Restaurants

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Pitsidia is the oldest village in the area and the village square is about 120 m. above sea level. It is referred to by the Cretan historian S. Spanakis, where he has researched it as place where the soldiers of Nikiforos Fokas, (commander of the Byzantine army), settled. They apparently, came from ‘Pisidia’ in the south part of Turkey, which may well be the origin of the name Pitsidia.

A few years ago, the village had its own water supply from a spring in the hills just behind it. The water was given as the reason for so many centenarians in the village. The cistern and water channels are still there behind the village hall, but sadly is not used any longer – the water now being piped in from the regional centre. There is a small church dedicated to the water and two saints close by. It is a favourite for marriage and is often decked inside and out with flowers and garlands. The main church stands on the hill, the other side of the village. It replaced an ancient church, which was obviously constructed so well its base is reputed to have been removed by dynamite! Some remains can be seen behind the ‘new’ church!


Horse Riding

Discover our part of southern Crete in a very special way! Ride on old dirt roads off the civilization to Komo Beach, between old olive trees, by ravines and through the wild Asteroussia mountains!

Pitsidia has a wonderful riding stable and offers a wide range of options to suite all people. All equipment is supplied and the horses are well trained and even tempered. Sessions are in small groups with a guide and children can also enjoy the experience with small horses being led by their own parents.

You can learn to ride here with expert tuition from experienced tutors.

Beginners - 12 euros ˝ hour session.

Personal off road tuition - 40 euros 1 person / 70 euros per couple

Options available:

Riding on the beach at Kommos - 20 euros 1 hour session

Riding to the beach through olive groves and hilly countryside - 35 euros 2 hour session

Riding by full moon - 25 euros 1 hour session

Horse trek to the Monastery Odigitrias, including picnic - 50 euros ˝ day session

Horse trek to the Agio Farago Gorge, including picnic and swimming at the beach - 80 euros all day session

10 1 hour riding sessions - 170 euros

Riding for children with small horses led by parents - 8 euros ˝ hour session.

For more information or to book your sessions email info@hidden-crete.com