The Covered Market

Matala has a small covered market right behind the beachfront. The small shops sell a huge array of goods from souveniers, clothes, jewellery, leather goods, textiles, food and wine, art and pottery

Click to watch a video showing the shops and covered market in Matala

Terra Gallery - Matala

A unique collection of Ceramics including Statues and Neolithic Idols created by Cristina Aftenie.

From the beginning of time, one power, one spirit is giving birth, nursing and embracing Life itself: Mother Earth, Fertility Goddess, Great Mother Goddess.

Asking for her protection and her blessing, the first man recognised her as divinity, following her signs from the earth to the sky. These signs are written in the memory of the universe and they are running through our veins.

Using lots of names through the centuries and civilisations, another goddess is becoming stronger with each prayer and we will always find her in our hearts.

Cristina has specialised in creating ancient cultural replica statues and idols. They are ideal for gifts or as a memento of your visit to the Messara.

There are also a range of artistic utensil pottery from vases, plates, cups, saucers, mugs, dishes and specialities. All her glazing is cadmium free in line with new EU legislation and can be used without any fear of safety.